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R.I.S.E. so you can

STOP Playing Small!
Double your impact and your business over the next 6 months!

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The RISE coaching program is for the business coaches & consultants who are ready to GROW and grow FAST!
More than just another course, RISE is an experience!
You will not only learn how to get moving; you will also learn how to get out of your own way.


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Are you a Business Coach or Consultant?

Want more?

Are you looking for MORE?

MORE Clients? 
MORE Lifestyle? 
MORE Revenue? 
MORE Fulfillment?

Do you remember the dreams and goals that you had when you first decided to start your business?

I do. And frankly, I struggled. I didn't like marketing my services or tooting my own horn. I just had dreams of making a difference, delivering great service to your clients, and probably making a little money.

If you feel the same way, the RISE program is designed to help you get back on track to achieving those dreams.

I've done it and have helped hundreds of others just like you reach their goals as well.

Read on to learn more and hear what they have to say...


What's Inside the RISE Course

6 value-packed modules

1 - intentions

You can't have a "good" anything if you don't have an intention. Learn how to properly set your intentions so you can accomplish more with less effort.


Discover how to talk to your IDEAL client, how to use lead magnets effectively, how to message with EMOTION, and how to overcome the ROADBLOCKS. 


Learn how to use MOTIVATORS and EMOTIONS, how to use STORIES to move your prospects to enroll in your program. We'll again talk about your mindset ROADBLOCKS and how to overcome them.


Learn how to craft powerful, irresistible OFFERS, use the PASTOR framework to make your clients feel heard, and of course, how to overcome the mindset roadblocks that will get in your way.


Learn how to ask your future client questions to lead them to ASK you to buy, how to handle OBJECTIONS, and how to use the RESPONSIBILITY process to get them to YES!


Learn how to use all that you learned along with the NATURAL LAWS of business to continue to accelerate your growth.

Each module will be jam-packed with how-to's and walks you step-by-step through the process of creating the mindset that attracts your ideal clients.

Total Value of the Program (including bonuses) is over
>>  $9,222   <<

Amazing Bonuses!!

You will also receive INCREDIBLE BONUSES like:

  • each module will have a virtual LIVE Application workshop so you can practice your new skills in a safe environment (a $2,100 value)
  • FREE Self-Leadership Assessment & 20-minute coaching session (a $350 value)
  • FREE 90-minutes of one-on-one coaching with Traci (a $1,125 value)

* The number of leads will depend on your territory and ideal client community.


I have learned and grown in so many areas with Traci’s program.  Every day, I recognize how my thoughts affect my actions and how my actions impact other actions. Now, I practice thoughts that add value to my life, which has drastically increased my confidence and my belief in my own self-worth is increasing.

Annette Hohnberger

Certified Master & Executive Business Coach & Master Licensee

It's time to RISE!

by over 200 ActionCoaches

The #1 reason I am a successful coach today! 

Doug Winnie

Houston, TX

You can experience

the power of your best thinking

Traci has worked with over 2,400 executives, leaders, business owners, and business coaches to show them step-by-step how to use their best thinking and stop procrastinating and delaying their success.

If you want to get out of your own way, stop accepting excuses from yourself and your prospects and clients, you need to register for RISE programs.

Don't take my word - Here's what real clients have to say


As a result of working with you, I have recast my role within our business coaching firm to better fit my strengths and desires. In my personal life, I am making better choices and trusting myself more. Thank you for all your help, Traci!

Jim Palzewicz
Certified Business Coach & Certified EOS Implementer

If you want to understand better why clients enroll and how you can get more of them to enroll, Traci's course is the answer. She will teach you how to develop the level of trust at which they step in. It has been really helpful for me. Thank you, Traci!

Dominikus von Pescatore
Master Partner of ActionCOACH in Berlin, Germany

I started working with Traci after feeling stuck for many months - comfortable, but not hitting our goals. Her work has helped a ton with my doing things "now" rather than putting them off for "when I'm in the right mood." I'm much more energized, we're hitting our goals, and having fun again.

Susan Thomson
Certified Business Coach, Firm Owner, CEO

Get Ready to R.I.S.E. and Grow Your Business

I don't want to sound hyperbolic and yet it's true.

This is a life-changing opportunity!

Business owners, coaches, and consultants just like you have discovered how to get out of their own way and reach new levels in their business by following this step-by-step process.

R: REACH your ideal clients and YOUR goals by understanding your unique edge

I: INSPIRE your future (and current) clients so you can keep them energized

S: SERVE your future clients in meaningful ways BEFORE they engage with you

E: ENGAGE or Enroll your future clients when they ask YOU "What's next?"

Stop Playing Small!

Your family, your community, your world NEEDS you to show up and bring your gifts to make this world a better place!


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